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What we Do ?

Our Roof Waterproofing Services

  • Roof waterproofing with Elastomer Cementetious Chemical Sealant for concrete surface
  • Roof waterproofing with hot Bitumen coating
  • Roof waterproofing with cold Bitumen emulsion coating
  • Roof waterproofing with polyurethane sealant coating

Our Roof Heat Proofing Services

  • Roof Heat Proofing with Heat Reflective Paints ( Max Cool Coat )
  • Roof Heat insulation and waterproofing with polyurethane Foam spray
  • Roof Heat Proofing with thermopore sheets

Our Termite Proofing Services

  • Termite Proofing Services at pre construction level
  • Termite control treatment at post construction level.

About Us

Max Chemicals is a Lahore, Pakistan based Company. We provide building protection Services. We provide roof waterproofing Services in Lahore, roof heat Proofing Services in Lahore, Pakistan. Our Company established in 2010.we’ve years of expertise in providing the most effective roof waterproofing and heat proofing Services with different types of materials application in Lahore and different cities of Pakistan. Because the prime Roof heat proofing and roof waterproofing company it’s our aim to supply premium quality roof waterproofing, roof heat proofing solutions. We also provide epoxy flooring systems to our respectable clients everywhere Pakistan. We  have best experienced , skilled staff to provide best Roof waterproofing services, roof Heat proofing services, Bathroom leakage repair, water tank Seepage, Kitchen, Basement, swimming pool waterproofing. we apply and sale all Bitumen waterproofing Solutions like, Torch applied Bitumen Membrane sheets, cold and hot Bitumen coating, Expansion Joint Repairing Services and Termite control Services all over the Pakistan.

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We apply Roof waterproofing polyurethane Coatings latest imported forulation having storg adhesion with surface,long lastong,durable, high performance, weather resistant Ch

Elastomer Cementetious waterproofing Chemical Coating, it provides a strong waterproofing layer on all types of concrete surface. It seals surface pores and stop water panetration. Its economical and durable. It laminate a concrete surface. It is jointless, crackless, punctureless. Best for all concrete roof, slabs terrace,  DPC , Bathroom,  Kitchen, under ground water tank  For more info

Roof Heat Proofing Services 

  We provide roof heat Proofing Services in Lahore and all Punjab, Pakistan. We apply four types of roof heat insulation Services.

Cool Roof Heat Reflective PaintThermp

Roof  Waterproofing Services

Roof  Waterproofing ServicesRoof  Waterproofing Services

Roof  Waterproofing Services

 Waterproofing Services

About Us


Max Chemicals is a Roof waterproofing & Roof Heat Insulation and Termite Proofing services Provider Company based in Lahore, since 2004. We are proud of our service that we provide in the field of roof waterproofing, Roof Heat Proofing, that increase the value of the construction, structural strength of the building and gives a long life to building. We of

Max chemicals strives for market leadership through technology. Leadership in all its target markets. The MAX®, target markets are concrete, waterproofing, roofing, flooring, sealing & bonding, refurbishment and industry.

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Waterproofing Company waterproofing contractor

Roof Waterproofing Services Roof heat Proofing Bathroom leakage repair Ser

Services we offer

1. Roof Water proofing services

roof-waterproofing (1)

Our experienced team  at Max Chemicals Services contributes to delivering best waterproofing service in Pakistan with torch applied bitumen  Membrane, polyurethane  Coating, Cementitious Elastomer Coating (Max Seal) chemical treatment solutions such as roof leakage proofing, roof leakage repair, roof seepage repair, roof leakage treatment, and roof crack joints repair. Our state-of-the-art waterproofing  Sealant will make sure that your flat rooftop gets the best security from any hazardous water leakages and seepage.

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Foundation waterproofing

Having the ultimate foundation waterproofing is the requirement of industrial, residential and commercial needs.  We use foundation waterproofing membrane from the protection water leakages and seepage.

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Basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is one of the most essential parts of any construction process, not only it protects from basement leakages but also increase the life of your structure. Our chemical treatment will ensure to provide basement leakage repairs along with the walls and foundation of your homes, companies, and industries.

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Roof waterproofing Services Bitumen

G.I sheets and steel corrugated sheets Roof waterproofing

Our waterproofing solutions are suitable for every material whether its G.I sheet, steel corrugated sheets, concrete, metal body, and steel sheets. We waterproof with torch applied bituminous Membrane with aluminum foil membrane on it, polyurethane  Coating with polyester sheet and rigorous coating, the waterproofing chemical treatment will make sure no acids, sulfates and alkaline materials will leaked.

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uder-and-over-underground-waterproofing (1)

Over and underground water storage tank waterproofing

Our chemical treatment for water tank leakage repair is among the top products in Pakistan. We focus on providing best water tank leakage solutions whether you are dealing with the overhead tank or basement tank, our water tank leakage specialist will make sure no water comes out from the walls and foundation of your water tank ever along with supportive chemicals to increase life of tank.

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Leakage waterproofing Bathroom wash room repair Services

Wash room Seapage repair

Whether your bathroom is made up of tiles or concrete, our bathroom waterproofing solution will help you to protect from sewerage pipe leaks and other leakage control. Our chemically attained waterproof Sealants repair the cracks located into floor walls of your bathroom and drain’s .

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Bathroom leakage Services in Lahore

Bathroom leakage Services in Lahore

A bathroom is notorious for having seepages and leakages no matter how much you try to secure it. Due to the tile joints and floor points, leakages are bound to surface along the ceiling, walls, and floors. Our bathroom flooring solutions will help you to protect unwelcoming leakages from sewerage lines, bathroom fittings from bathtubs wash basin and other concealed pipes. We offer Bathroom leakage Services in Lahore with imported German Chemical. We are offering Bathroom leakage Services in Lahore aince 2010.

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Walls Seapage leakage repair

Walls dampness

Dampness on wall treatment

At Max Chemicals, we provide excellent damp proof solutions to preserve the old walls and ceilings of your homes, factories and commercial constructions. Our experienced team and support staff will ensure that all of your dampness on the wall gets fixed and treated properly. Our services, commitment, and dedication make us as one of the best wall dampness treatment services in Pakistan. We have Imported products well designed for wall Seapage treatment. It is cement base wall putty water resistant and alkaline resistant. Which protect Expansive paints.

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Wall Seapage Proofing wall putty Chemical  waterproofing Chemical


Concrete Expansion joint treatment

Our chemical solution services also comprise of expansion joint treatment used to seal off and repair openings of joints using chemical injection based polymers. Through proper evaporation technique, we make sure that the entire expansion joint is properly sealed off to help protect as a water stop and other waterproofing requirements that definitely prevents from leakages .

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Roof Heat proofing | Insulation services

Most reasonable Heat proofing Service in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

In Islamic Republic of Pakistan, most of the cities as well as city, Lahore, and Islamabad, etc suffer terribly high temperatures in summers and typically, mercury stays on the brink of forty degrees stargazer. In such conditions, the utilization of air conditioners becomes necessary which ends up in terribly high energy bills. Here at Universal Services, we provide warranted roof treatment in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, that lowers the temperature of your space by 10-15 degrees stargazer creating your space cooler even on very hot days while not expenditure high on energy bills.

Heat Proofing could be a technique by that surface of a property is treated with Heat Reflective chemical resolution. These chemical solutions utilized by Max Chemicals Services square measure of the very best quality that will increase the service time period and sturdiness. Our heat proofing solutions square measure ISO certified in line with international standards. they’ll be applied on concrete, wood and every one variety of metal structures and utterly reflects the ultraviolet sun rays and reduces the temperature at intervals by thirty to forty per cent. significantly reducing electrical bills by twenty to fifty per cent because of less usage of electrical appliances like air conditions, coolers, fans, etc.

As the prime service supplier of best waterproofing and roof heat proofing in city, and every one over Islamic Republic of Pakistan, it’s our aim to produce premium quality waterproofing, heat proofing, and synthetic resin flooring solutions to our purchasers.

Max Chemicals are pioneers in heat reflective cool roof chemical Coating systems solution and anti-heat system. With a large selection of heat resistance chemical and other products like , Thermopore sheets, lightweight foam Concrete, PU Foam Spray for new and old roofs heat Proofing. we make sure that your house is secure from scorching heat-waves, and improper insulation around roof and walls. Our heat proofing solution consists of roof heat proofing and wall heat proofing.

Roof heat Proofing Services in Lahore Max Cool Coat Heat Reflective Paint

Roof Heat proofing Services

We provide the best roof heat proofing service. Using our heat treatment solutions on the roof, we make sure to apply the most well-tuned heat proofing chemicals which helps to reduce excessive heat from the sun and protect your roof from unnecessary heat absorption. Our sun reflective paint for roof gets an instant result with a much cooler interior and better temperature control.roof seepage repair, roof leakage treatment, and roof crack joints repair.

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Roof heat Proofing Services Roof heat Proofing Chemical

Wall Heat insulation

Heat tends to absorb on every surface, whether its roof or walls. Our wall heat insulation chemical treatment will ensure that no heat ever gets absorbed and radiates inside your homes ever again. We provide home insulation outside wall treatment and outdoors chemical solutions that will definitely help reduce the excessive room temperature of your interior.

Termite Proofing Services

Termite Proofing Services

Max Chemicals is Providing termite Proofing  Services in Lahore since 2010. We have done hundered of Termite Proofing Services projects in all punjab. We use inported German Chemicals fir the treatment of Termite Proofing Services in Lahore.deemak control treatment at  pre and post construction.

Termite Proofing  Services Chemical  Name:Fipronil Imported from Holland

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