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Our Roof Waterproofing Services in Lahore and Islamabad. 

  • Roof waterproofing with Elastomer Cementetious Chemical Sealant for concrete surface
  • Roof waterproofing with hot Bitumen coating
  • Roof waterproofing with cold Bitumen emulsion coating
  • Roof waterproofing with polyurethane sealant coating

Roof Heat Proofing Services in Lahore in Lahore, Islamabad. 

  • Roof Heat Proofing with Heat Reflective Paints ( Max Cool Coat )
  • Roof Heat insulation and waterproofing with polyurethane Foam spray
  • Roof Heat Proofing with thermopore sheets

Other Waterproofing Services 

  • Expansion joint waterproofing Services 
  • Bathroom leakage repair Services in Lahore 
  • Bathroom leakage repair Services in Islamabad 
  • Over head concrete water tank leakage repair Services 
  • Underground water Tank waterproofing Services 
Our Termite Proofing Services
  • Termite Proofing Services at pre construction level
  • Termite control treatment at post construction level. 

About Us

Max Chemicals is a Lahore, Pakistan based Company. We provide building protection Services. We provide roof waterproofing Services in Lahore, roof heat Proofing Services in Lahore, Pakistan. Our Company established in 2010.we’ve years of expertise in providing the most effective roof waterproofing and heat proofing Services with different types of materials application in Lahore and different cities of Pakistan. Because the prime Roof heat proofing and roof waterproofing company it’s our aim to supply premium quality roof waterproofing, roof heat proofing solutions. We also provide epoxy flooring systems to our respectable clients everywhere Pakistan. We  have best experienced , skilled staff to provide best Roof waterproofing services, roof Heat proofing services, Bathroom leakage repair, water tank Seepage, Kitchen, Basement, swimming pool waterproofing. we apply and sale all Bitumen waterproofing Solutions like, Torch applied Bitumen Membrane sheets, cold and hot Bitumen coating, Joint Repairing Services and Termite control Ser under ground water Tank. 

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