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Max Chemicals. Building Trust.

Max Chemicals is a Roof waterproofing & roof Heat Insulation and Termite  Proofing services Provider, Lahore,Punjab, Company, since 2000. We are proud of our service that we provide in the field of roof waterproofing, Heat Proofing, that increase the value of the construction, structural strength of the building and gives a long life to building. We offer complete solutions for all waterproofing and Heat Insulation needs in all the major cities like, Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

What MAX chemicals provides

Roof waterproofing Services

  1. Cementitious Elastomer  Waterproofing  Chemical Coating coating two component
  2. Hot Bitumen roof Waterproofing Coating all Grades like 10/20, 60/70, 80/100, Cold Bitumen
  3. Torch applied  Bituminous Membrane Sheet of 3mm thick, 4mm, 2mm
  4. Polyester jute felt application
  5. Joint Sealant

Roof Heat Proofing / Insulation

  1. Light weight foam concrete
  2. Light weight gypsum concrete
  3. Roof Heat Proofing with UV Reflecting Cool Roof coating
  4. Thermopore sheets
  5. Jumbolon sheets,
  6. PU Foam Spray
  7. industrial epoxy flooring
  8. Termite proofing Service pre-post Construction.

CLIENTS Around the globe

Working around the clock to make sure we solve all of your potential water-related problems. We also supply all construction related chemicals which are used to enhance the strength, durability, and look of your High Rise Buildings, Shopping Malls, Roads, Highways, Airports, Dams and Flyovers etc. We offer a wide range of innovative specialty construction chemicals and materials that includes: waterproofing, concrete admixtures, asphalt emulsions, epoxy coatings, grouts & anchors, adhesives, concrete repairs, industrial flooring, surface treatments and sealants.


Max chemicals strives for market leadership through technology. Leadership in all its target markets. The MAX®, target markets are Roof waterproofing, roof Heat insulation ing, sealing & bonding.

Company Mission

We aim to provide our customers a latest innovative products ,good service and long lasting Waterproofing and Heat Proofing Solutions in economical way.strives  through technology.

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