Flooring services

1. Running Track System Pakistan

Athletic running tracks surfaces system is made with proprietary Poly Resin binder which strikes the perfect balance between dynamic responses needed for runner from running tracks performance and cushioning appropriate for the Athlete safety. The surface of the running tracks is made with the components of polyurethane material, black SBR rubber and EPDM applied by the machines and spray pumps, using the most innovative technology with polyurethane components and EPDM. We are developing best running/jogging tracks surfaces



Since 1964, a strong and able to withstand the weight of trampling, easy management and protection, the first piece of artificial turf protected from climate impacts was born in the United States and loved by the people. After the tireless efforts of scientists, today’s artificial lawn has entered the epoch of the fifth generation, it is not only used in sports and entertainment venues but also widely used in gardens, courtyards, playgrounds, roof, balconies and other design and construction programme, has gained more and more widely recognition and promotion.


EPDM kindergarten flooring is especially crafted/designed for the playgrounds surfaces of schools, children playing areas and gyms by using a most innovative technology. Structure is made with PU binder (adhesive) with EPDM granules which provide more comfort, safety, elasticity and stability. We have variety of colour range of EPDM granules


The 3D and Metallic Epoxy Flooring is quite a unique & unusual technology to cater the taste for your interior. Instead of being a background, the floor becomes the main detail. Automatically, all furnishing walls And even lighting becomes a background for the 3D floor.

The wide range of colors and modern technologies allow the creation of 3D and Metallic Epoxy unique self-leveling. Floors with panorama or 3D effects, created by designers according to your wishes and suitable for any interior


PVC and RUBBER Flooring is available in many types, colors and styles. Other than PVC RUBBER flooring, we also offer different options including rubber gym floor mates, rolled rubber flooring and interlocking rubber tiles for gyms. Most of the flooring is intended for indoor,but some can be used outdoor also.


This system comprises of a clear resin and hardener, pre-packed with blended aggregate and ready to use pigment paste. It holds good protective seamless and hygienic qualities. It retains the color and chemical resistant. Self-leveling epoxy system is mainly used to maintain the hygienic conditions


PU Self-leveling flooring is aromatic polyurethane based floor coating best coating for interior applications. It has excellent adhesion over primed surface and having excellent abrasion & chemical resistance. PU floor coating is for use in industrial & commercial environment


PU Silicone Flooring is newest sports surface coating material for indoor and outdoor sports courts. This flooring is now becoming one of the most popular multiuse sports flooring in the world. Its performance characteristics make it ideally suited for Basketballs, Volleyball Badminton, Tennis courts etc. Floors made of this component are highly praised the world over due to its performance and non-cracking features. PU Silicon sports floor structures can be based on cements and asphalt surfaces.

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