Heat Proofing & Insulation Services

Heat Proofing & Insulation Services

Max Chemicals are pioneers in heat reflective chemical solution and anti-heat system. With a large selection of heat resistance chemical products, we make sure that your house is secure from scorching heat-waves, and improper insulation around roof and walls. Our heat proofing solution consists of roof heat proofing and wall heat proofing.

Roof Heat proofing

We provide the best roof heat proofing service. Using our heat treatment solutions on the roof, we make sure to apply the most well-tuned heat proofing chemicals which helps to reduce excessive heat from the sun and protect your roof from unnecessary heat absorption. Our sun reflective paint for roof gets an instant result with a much cooler interior and better temperature control.roof seepage repair, roof leakage treatment, and roof crack joints repair.

Wall Heat insulation

Heat tends to absorb on every surface, whether its roof or walls. Our wall heat insulation chemical treatment will ensure that no heat ever gets absorbed and radiates inside your homes ever again. We provide home insulation outside wall treatment and outdoors chemical solutions that will definitely help reduce the excessive room temperature of your interior.

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