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Roof Heat Proofing Services

We Provide Roof Heat Proofing Service in Lahore. Roof Heat Proofing Services with nano thermal water base coating is an easy and effective way to defend building Structure from harmful sunlight waves.

How it works?

This anti heat system reflects heat back to air. So, It can be applied on concrete, wooden, metal structures. So, Its properties save energy and cash. Individuals need less air conditioning after applying Heat Proofing chemicals. Less solar heat passes through heat insulation chemicals into the buildings.

Heat proofing chemicals reduce electricity bills.It makes within rooms temperature cooler in summer and Walls and Roof doesn’t absorb beaming heat from the sun.So, Max Chemicals provide the best roof Heat Proofing serrvices in Lahore with imported German chemicals, high quality services everywhere in country.

Our Roof Heat Proofing Services

Our Max Cool Coat chemical quality is 100 percent satisfying. We are Providing roof heat Proofing Services in Lahore with different kinds of products.

Our roof heat Proofing Services includes PU or polyurethane foam spray insulation, light weight Foam concrete insulation, thermopore sheets, heat Reflective Paints Nano thermal insulation coating.

We have top quality products for roof heat Proofing Services in Lahore. We have qualified and highly experienced staff for roof heat Proofing.

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Nano Thermal Insulation Coating Water Base Paint

ROOF Heat Reflective Water Base Nano Thermal insulation Paint

Roof Heat Proofing Services | Roof Heat Insulation Services

We are Lahore based company Providing Roof heat Proofing Services Roof Heat proofing chemical Services with latest German technologies.

What is Max cool Coat

Heat Reflective Paints, Max Cool Coat ceramic microcells and special pigments including Bright White Reflective Titanium Dioxide in Max Cool Coat protection against heat buildup in roofs. cool roof coating for tile roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, and other roofs. Heat Reflective Paints are ideal for stopping sunlight. It has strong Reflective ceramic microcells and pigment.

Max Cool Coat
Nano Ceramic Hollow Spherical Heat Insulation Coating .
Imported German Technology.

It reduces electricity bills. Upper portions must require heat proofing. This product is advanced technology of roof heat & water proof.

Max CooL Coat is the most advanced radiant barrier. This space age product having ceramic micro spheres of millions tiny particals of ceramic. It dries to create a tough heat insulation coating.


Max cool coat is non toxic and environmentally friendly. It reduces internal temperature up to 45 %. It cuts the need for cooling by up to 40 % with a reduction in internal temperature.

You can enjoy lowering your air conditioning & refigeration. You can save energy cost up to 50%.
Its aggregate has a solar reflectance of about 72% and a thermal emittance of about 78%.


Heat come in three forms ultra-violet ( UV) visible light & infrared (IR).Max Cool coat will block all three aspecially , IR , which is responsible for roughly 57% of heat load on building.

Max Cool coat can be apply on the roof and sides of a building. It can be use on RCC, metal, felt asphalt, aluminum, Wood and rubber. It can be used on the interior surfaces.

Max Cool Coat as water proof coating with having high elongation & strong bonding additional propertys.Max Cool Coat creates excellent waterproof barrier against all type of roofs & exterior walls

Max Cool Coat, is an ideal replacement of supplement for conventional blanket, insulation for, and additional benefit includes.

Other benefits

Contains anticoagulant anti rust antimalarial & sound absorption properties.

Application versatility ideal of wood concrete bricks & metal etc

  • Superior moisture protection under insulation
  • Reduces temperature up – to 45%
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Seals and waterproof .
  • Easy apply
  • Non toxic


  • Total recovery period for investment on thermal insulation Approximatly in one year, thus, reduce the electricity and gas bill.
  • After pay back the principal amount comfortable and luxurious.
  • Increase your building life property value
  • Crack free & flexible anti rust

Extra features of
Max Cool Coat
1- penetrating quality (itself penetrate in surface & make it waterproof )

2- white ( enhance insulation factor & help out to avoid expansion & contraction)

3- joint less crack less & flexible long life

4- itself bonding with surface

5- finished surface no need to cover the finished surface


Use sprayer rollar or brush and apply three coats. Two coats are recommended.

Weight Bucket : 15 kg.
Price: Rs 6500 per bucket.

Area Coverage

225 sft Approximate at two coats (depends upon surface condition & application temperature)

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Best Roof Heat Proofing Services in Lahore.

Roof Heat Proofing Services Heat Reflective Paints

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