Iranian Bitumen Membrane sheets for roof and basement walls waterproofing systems
Roof waterproofing Membrane sheets bituminous

We offer Bitumen and Modified Roofing Membrane for commercial, industrial and housing sector to repair roof through one of the best and professional repair teams. Bitumen is not only flexible and multi-functional, but also has a number of other benefits; it is faster to install and safe to use. Being durable and hard-wearing, it is easy to maintain and 100% recyclable, making it the perfect choice for forward-thinking construction.

The membranes which we use are manufactured by:

HY Grip Bitumen Membrane | Roof Grip Bitumen membrane

Irani Bitumen membrane | KSA/UAE Bitumen membrane

Irani Imported Waterproofing Membrane sheet with or without aluminum foil

Heat Resistance

Thickness: 3mm , 3.5mm, 4mm

Size: 1m X 10m

Polyethylene film

Heat Resistance : 130C

Fields of Application:

>Retaining wall





>Swimming pools

Bridge decks

Bitumen Membrane proofing systems are ideal, long losting, durable. We offer best Bitumen Membrane price in Pakistan: Rs 45 per sq ft. We have other Bitumen Membrane like ,Saudi arabian ,UAE and Pakistani Brands.

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Benefits of Torch applied Modified Bitumen Membrane sheets waterproofing.

Bitumen is not only flexible and multi-functional, it has a number of other benefits, too; It is fast to install and safe to use, as well as being durable and hard-wearing. It is easy to maintain and 100% recyclable, making it the perfect choice for forward-thinking construction and infrastructure projects.

It is no surprise that most of our roads and streets are made with asphalt. Asphalt roads are more flexible to build and easier to maintain than roads using any other material. They are more cost-effective in both construction and maintenance and help reduce noise pollution. Asphalt roads are durable and are 100% recyclable. And asphalt is not just used in road surfaces: it is also a vital component of the substructure of the road, as well. And, of course, without bitumen there would be no asphalt.

One recent advance has been the development of colored or textured asphalt surfaces. These can be used as a safety mechanism to make it easier for drivers to identify special lanes including bus lanes, bus stops and cycle paths. Colored asphalt is also used to alert drivers to dangerous areas, such as hidden junctions or sharp bends, as well as areas requiring special safety precautions, such as outside schools

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